On the “lock-down protests” in Serbia

On the “lock-down protests” in Serbia from a Marxist-Leninist perspective

– Last night in Belgrade there was a spontaneous people’s demonstration and clash with the police showing a large amount of brutality, which this region is not very used to.

– The reason of the protest is a new lock-down imposed by the government. This is only on the surface. The government acts irresponsible and tries to accuse the people for misbehaving and new wave of epidemic. The ruling party recently organized elections, big rallies, and our country was the only one in Europe that organized the big football derby, in front of few tens of thousands of people. The social crisis in Serbia goes evermore deeper, and this is the main reason of the protest.

– Serbian government more and more looks like Erdogan’s one: a one-man right-wing dictatorship. (link 1) (link 2)

– These protests are of broad peoples stratum, mostly youth participates in it. Few days ago students en masse got out on the streets to protest lock-down of dormitories – that government marked as the epicenter of new wave of epidemic.

– This is still far away from the democratic movement led by the working class, but it has a character of the petty-bourgeois movement. It is heterogeneous, and the extreme right-wing has a great influence in it. There is also an influence of the liberal small bourgeois activists, and also some influence of the leftist students.

– For the working class, there was never a “lock-down”, since the government imposes harsh policies on the population but does not allow stopping of the productive process and the flow of the profits. The workers had to stay on their places, unprotected, even in the worst days of the epidemic, and will have to do it again. This, along with continuing social and up-and-coming economic crisis is the reason why there is also a discontentment among the working class.

– We must organize the might of the working class, seek for new forms of the popular organs of peoples’ struggle to turn tables on the enemy and prevent the natural and social disaster.

Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia (RSRS), International Committee
July 8, 2020