Call for international solidarity: Expose the fascist phalanges in Serbia!

During the corona-virus crisis, state of emergency is established in Serbia. While workers and peoples of the world fight the common enemy, the fascist thugs in Serbia are using the opportunity to attack the most vulnerable ones. Well known para-police organisations are once again making their cowardly gymnastics in preparation for fascism.

Wide antifascist front is established in connection with the attack on Roma family Garip by the neo-nazis from the group “Levijatan”, under the pretext of protecting the animals (link).  “Levijatan” is well know paravane for neo-nazis in their disguise for racism and actions against poor people. They even filmed their miserable action and bragged about it on their media, presenting themselves as “heroes” that took the dog from the kids, and continued with their dangerous racist hatred towards the Roma children. This disgusting video shows how this group of thugs is terrorizing Roma kids, in the best traditions of SA units, threatening them with arrest and murder. All of this disturbed the public, and wide antifascist people’s front is mobilized to defend the victims of the attack and to stop continued spread of racist hatred (link).

The Roma family that is attacked is also known to the public for their heroic struggle for honest life and continuous injustice that is put upon them. It is an honest working family followed by the ruthless social injustice, in capitalist state with its fascist falangues in the backyard.

Garip family
Foto: from the film “Bandits in Search of Mom

The case opens up the question of connections of the state with fascism. How it is possible that during the one of the harshest quarantines in the world, in Serbia – not a fly can pass but the fascist gang can go around freely and even act like they are police? How it is possible that this well known fascist gang can operate legally in the Republic of Serbia!?!?

Please dear friends, aware the public in your countries about this dangerous pro-fascist activities in our country, that we are trying to stop. At the end of February our Alliance also warn the public about the pro-fascist plot that is preparing in our country, which this corona-virus crisis only speeden up.

We will not let fascism to pass – resolutely prevent the pro-fascist plot!

International Committee of Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia (RSRS)
april 2020.

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